Hoping this will be the final bracket:


First four out: Ole Miss, UCLA, Tulsa, Miami


Bracketology: March 12, 2015

Illinois bubble may have burst with a horrific loss to Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament. Tulsa moves in to the final spot in the field.

Note: West Virginia and Notre Dame are switched due to procedural issues.

Bracket March 12

Last 4 IN: Indiana, Ole Miss, Georgia, Tulsa

First 4 OUT: BYU, Texas A&M, Miami, Old Dominion

Bracketology: 2/14/15

The first bracketology of the year has arrived. There is still a long will till March Madness, but it seems as if Kentucky and Virginia have separated themselves from the pack. Barring a meltdown they look solid for one seeds at this point. The bubble is very, very weak this year. In consideration was a team, Texas A&M that did not have one Top 50 wins. Because of the some of the teams with lack of good wins, I believe the NCAA will take into consideration and boost the seedings of teams who have multiple good wins even if they have more losses than other teams around them.

So, without further adieu, here is my first bracketology of 2015!